Greek Islands & Mediterranean

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27 September:

Depart Brisbane

Day 1, 28 September:

Arrive Dubai

1 night accommodation in a king room at a 5-star hotel. B.

Fairmont Dubai Hotel - 1 night

Day 2, 29 September:

Dubai - Rome

1 night accommodation in a double room at the Hiltom Rome. B.

Hilton Rome - 1 night

Day 3, 30 September:

Rome (Embarkation)

10am group coach transfer from airport to ship

Experience authentic pizza, hearty bowls of fresh pasta, excellent cheeses, wines, seafood, and delightful desserts like tiramisu and gelato at family-run trattorias that have been preparing these traditional dishes for centuries. Walk the cobblestoned piazzas making your way to narrow side streets where you’re sure to find craftsman shops and beautiful boutiques filled with gorgeous handmade accessories and homewares for keepsakes and souvenirs. B, L, D.


Celebrity Edge - 22 day Amalfi Coast, Greek Isles, Italy, Spain & Monaco cruise


Day 4, 1 October:

Catania, Sicily

Located on the east coast of Sicily, Catania is situated at the foot of the largest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Elegant, modern, and an important hub in Europe’s tech industry, Catania is also rich with baroque architecture, medieval castles, Roman era theatres, and a flourishing cultural and artistic center. The first university in Sicily was opened here in 1434. The Ursino castle built in the 13th Century is now a museum. The Piazza del Duomo, at the heart of Catania, is home to the city’s symbolic Fountain of the Elephant, constructed in 1736 from lava and an ancient Egyptian obelisk. B, L, D.

Day 5, 2 October:

At sea

B, L, D.

Day 6, 3 October:

Santorini, Greece

Here on the island of Santorini, you’ll find a classic Greek seascape - whitewashed houses accented by sea-blue roofs. The island’s volcanic past has produced delicious grapes for excellent wines that are well worth investigating while on your Santorini cruise. Some of the best on the island can be found in Pyrgos, Megalochori, and Oia. Oia’s hilltop not only has the ancient, Minoan site of Akrotiri, but is quite possibly the best vantage point from which to witness the spectacular sunsets. And, if you have some time, take a short trip to the island of Nea Kameni for a dip in its famous hot springs. The warm dark waters are enriched with iron and manganese and considered therapeutic. B, L, D.


Day 7, 4 October:


Athens brought the world drama, history, poetry, and philosophy. Once home to the world's most powerful and civilised empires, Athens is now the world's foremost archaeological playground. The towering columns of the Parthenon still stand in homage to the virgin goddess Athena. The Parthenon sits atop the Athenian Acropolis and watches over the city where it can be seen from just about anywhere in Athens. Make it a point to visit the incredible Acropolis Museum on your cruise to Athens. In addition to an abundance of historical riches, modern Athens has plenty on offer—from scenic beaches to restaurants with superb Mediterranean cuisine and bustling central markets. B, L, D.

Day 8, 5 October:


Mykonos is known for its whitewashed villages sprinkled with blue and jade green. It's also famous for its sophisticated nightlife. The most popular island in the Cyclades is bustling with activity, awash in beautiful alleyways, and home to alluring sandy beaches. B, L, D.

Day 9, 6 October:


Nafplio is a seaport town in the Peloponnese in Greece that has expanded up the hillsides near the north end of the Argolic Gulf. B, L, D.


Day 10, 7 October:


This small port on the Ionian coast is your gateway to ancient Olympia, the home of the original Olympic Games. Enter the stadium and pose in the marble starting blocks where the first marathoners once stood. Take a scenic drive through the small Greek villages on the way to Kouroutas Beach and spend three hours relaxing under the sun, swimming, and soaking up a perfect Greek beach day. Soak up the gorgeous Katakolon waterfront views while savoring traditional Greek specialties, like pastitsio or moussaka at one of the quaint tavernas and cafes offering shady outdoor tables. And of course, an abundance of calamari and other fresh seafood brought in by local fishermen are always on menus. B, L, D.

Day 11, 8 October:

Valetta, Malta

This wonderfully small capital is known for significant works of art, many fortifications built by the Knights of Malta, and the charm found wandering the old cobbled avenues. This tiny city has earned World Heritage status. Maltese cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean dishes and French and Sicilian influences. Fresh seafood and the Maltese wines from the distinguished local vineyards are always on the menu. Stroll along the cobblestone streets of Mdina to see its medieval churches, cathedrals, and palaces. Experience two Maltese treasures: The Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk village. Or, set off on a Maltese sightseeing adventure beginning at Valleta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens. It’s a wonderfully small capital that’s bursting with stories. Valleta is a place you’re sure to create a few stories of your own on your Valletta cruise. B, L, D.

Day 12, 9 October:

At sea

B, L, D.


Day 13, 10 October:

Naples, Italy

Framed by Mount Vesuvius along a dramatic skyline, the 2,800 year-old port city of Naples is full of historical sites, churches, and museums that make it a fascinating place for you to explore. In the region where pizza was first invented, you know the food is going to be incredible. Whether you’re looking for a thin, wood-fired Margherita pie, spaghetti alle vongole or a zeppole dusted with confectioner’s sugar, Naples and her bountiful edible treasures is sure to please. Only 35 miles down the coast, Salerno offers you a rich history, but also boasts a marvelous collection of parks, natural wonders, and unique vantage points to take in the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Two cities. One incredible stretch of Italian coastline. B, L, D.

Day 14, 11 October:


Explore more of Rome. B, L, D.

Day 15, 12 October:


Another day to explore Naples. B, L, D.


Day 16, 13 October:

At sea

B, L, D.

Day 17, 14 October:

Palma De Mallorca, Spain

This island enclave is often described as a mini-Barcelona, with a Gothic feel that has overtaken centuries of Roman and Moorish culture. Visit El Baluard, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which was built on the site of the remnants of the 16th century Bastio de Sant Pere, or shop for bargain pearls at the city's many jewellers. B, L, D.

Day 18, 15 October:


Formerly a sleepy Spanish city, Barcelona has recently been reborn as an eclectic fusion of the modern and medieval. It’s a major destination with must-see architectural gems that date back some 2,000 years. You’ll encounter fascinating examples from the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Modern masters like Gaudî, and many Cataluñian greats. Outstanding art museums can be found throughout the city, proudly displaying the works of world-renowned artists and countrymen, including Goya, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalî, and Joan Miró. B, L, D.


Day 19, 16 October:


Explore more of this coastal city of European charm. Venture to the awaiting Mediterranean Sea and all the seaside has to offer. Maybe a brisk hike in the nearby forest covered Collserola Hills or the hilltop in Montjuïc with its botanical gardens is the perfect recharge for a rollicking evening in one of the premier party capitals of the world. Round out your cruise to Barcelona dining at a tapas bar and savor a variety of delicious small dishes to share—from traditional Spanish to the more innovative. B, L, D.

Day 20, 17 October:

At sea

B, L, D.

Day 21, 18 October:

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco means yachts, roulette wheels and ocean views - the epitome of Mediterranean class and opulence. Cruise to Monaco to play a round of blackjack at the famous Monte Carlo Casino, and while you're there, check out its delightfully over-the-top Beaux Arts exterior and its lavish marble atrium. Pay a visit to the Palais du Prince, the 13th Century fortress where the Principality's current royal family resides. Want to spend your time in Monaco outdoors? Do some sunbathing at Larvotto Beach - the golden sands of this urban beach are just a short walk from the upscale shops of Avenue Princess Grace. B, L, D.


Day 22, 19 October:

Santa Margherita, Italy
Portofino, Rapallo or Cinque Terre excursions

Located in the middle of the Italian Riviera, Santa Margherita is less than 4 miles from Portofino, and it is just as beautiful. Walk along the palm lined harbor, explore the marina, or unwind at the beach. This picturesque seaside town features cafés, restaurants, gelaterias, bars, and shops, that line the harbor and face the sea. When you visit Santa Margherita with Celebrity, you’ll have an incredible selection of shore excursions to choose from, including our Three Pearls of the Paradise Coast tour. We’ll transport you to the three most luxurious holiday resorts in three incredible places— Santa Margherita, Portofino, and Rapallo where you’ll soak in the Italian Riviera sun, the lush landscapes, and the breathtaking architecture. Or, join us on a tour to Cinque Terre where seaside cliffs and terraced vineyards are the norm and the cozy villages of Cinque Terre are nestled comfortably among them. Whatever you decide to do with us here, you’re sure to have an in-depth, authentic experience. B, L, D.

Day 23, 20 October:

La Spezia
Cinque Terre, Florence & Pisa

La Spezia, which lies between Genoa and Pisa, and is just minutes to the east of Cinque Terre - the five fishing ports that enjoy National Park status - is home to the Palio del Golfo, an annual boat race that sees the Gulf of Poets; 13 historic villages face off against one another in celebration of the annual Festa del Mare. The town also offers fantastic shopping opportunities, as well as plenty of trattorias to enjoy local, Ligurian cuisine. B, L, D.

Please note: itineraries may change as conditions warrant


Day 24, 21 October:

Rome - Dubai

10am group coach transfer from ship to airport

Arrive Dubai

1 night accommodation in a 5-star hotel. B.

Dubai International Airport Hotel - 1 night

Day 25, 22 October:

Depart Dubai

Day 26, 23 October:

Arrive Brisbane


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